Nicole Brock is a mean spirited student at Eagle University, and an antagonist to Natasha Peterson. Nicole is a bully and has no problem hurling insults at people. She does, however, appear to be very loyal to her friends, such as Jackie Maple and Marie Quackenbush.

On many occasions, Nicole has shown a deep love for One Direction.

Before CollegeEdit

Little is known about Nicole's life before college.

Freshman YearEdit

Nicole lives on the same floor as Natasha and Colton. One night, she notices Natasha and Colton having a nice, yet awkward, conversation. She tells Natasha bluntly on many occasions that she has no chance with Colton because of her weight.

Nicole presumably has a one night stand with Kevin Beals at a party, but both are too drunk to remember.

Nicole continues to terrorize Natasha by trying to get her in trouble with Patty. Later, she laughs at Natasha when she tries to jump in the pool and floats.

When Tanya MacNeven removes the baseboards from Jackie Maple's bed, Nicole accidentally falls into the trap meant for Jackie. Nicole is rushed to the hospital, where she helps Jackie determine that Tanya had set up the trap, hoping Jackie would fall though it. That day, Jackie kicks Tanya out of the room.

Some time between her accident and Christmas Break, Marie Quackenbush, who is both lazy and busy with her senior thesis, starts paying Nicole to do her routine RA paperwork. After Christms break, the payments become less frequent, and Marie admits to Nicole that she is having financial problems.

Nicole finds out from Kevin Beals that Tanya is living with him, which is not allowed. When she tells Marie about this, Marie decides to blackmail Tanya. Meanwhile, Greg is planning to overthrow Marie, and Nicole catches on to this. Nicole starts to act as a double agent between the two of them but is really on Marie's side. In the end, Greg wins, and Marie gets fired, leaving Nicole with no income.

Sophomore Year Edit

During the time that she wears overly revealing clothes, Natasha overhears Nicole and Colleen gossiping about her in the bathroom. She learns that Nicole has had a crush on Colton since last year, and she doesn't think Colton and Natasha fit together: Colton being a sweet down-to-earth guy and Natasha acting so indecent and risqué.

Nicole helps Dr. James White put Alex and Greg up to a test of morality by telling them where he supposedly keeps the answer key to his tests, and finding out whether they try to obtain them or not.

Junior Year Edit


Personality Edit

Nicole gets a special enjoyment out of verbally bullying people and getting them into trouble. She seems to be a diligent student, appearing in advanced classes with Greg and Alex; however, she seems emotionally shallow and mainly focused on having a good time.

Behind the Scenes Edit

Nicole is voiced by Lord Egghead's friend Carly, who first introduced him to the Sims during their childhood.